More Rain

We have had over 3 weeks of rain and only 2 sunny days. The fall weather is coming so I hope we get cooler, dry air soon.


The Dim Bulb News

Our 3rd album is coming out hopefully next month. Still have some work to do on it. This could be our best work yet. We welcome our newest band member, Lenny Penvensely who is our new lead guitarist.

Here is a song we just re-mixed.

Lick It Up

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Our band The Dim Bulbs are on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby. Thanks for any support.

Burkittsville, Md

Where they filmed The Blair Witch Project.



Do you believe in Chemtrails? I do. They happen everyday where I live. You can see the chemicals just spewing down through the air. Most of the times, it rains the next day. Are they controlling the weather, hurting the environment with all these chemicals getting into the water, land?

It makes me mad!

Happy 4th of July

Everyone have a safe holiday

Wicked Weather

Wicked storm the other night.

Florida Georgia Line

At Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md.

More rain

After almost 12in of rain the last week in May, rain is back again. Last night we had a really bad storm for about 1 hour of heavy rain. Today was nice and sunny but now the rain clouds have moved back in. Keep your umbrella handy.

We are on Amazon Too!

You can also buy our 1st album on Amazon if you don’t have an apple product for itunes.

Our 1st Album Now on Itunes

You can now download our 1st Album from Itunes. Summer of Sorrow was our first album we did and we have come a long way since then. It’s a fun listen and if you buy it, it will help us continue to make music, buy more drum sticks, guitar pics and hopefully upgrading our mixer system.
Just go to Itunes and search, The Dim Bulbs. It will be there.
Thanks for any support.

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